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junior recruiter


I am a hard worker, I have been used to working and studying since I was sixteen years old. I am trustworhty, loyal, enthusiastic. I think life long learning is the only way to be competitive in the labor market and it is the best way to render an effective service to your customers. I like to know new people as new environments, feeling challenged, spurred to give my best.

Lifeguard certificate and Special Learning Disability Tutor certificate.

“Sapienza” university of Rome, Psychology bachelor degree. 106/110.
“Università degli Studi di Padova” Padua, Social and Work Psychology master. (Still in progress, mean grade: 28.85)

Job title: waiter
Company name: Blu
Location: Fregene, Fiumicino
Dates of employement: 1/6/13-30/9/18
Main duties and responsabilities: Stocks management. Guest relations. Setting up the restaurant hall.

Job title: didactic tutor
Company name: ManoxMano
Location: Roma
Dates of employement: 25/10/17- 10/6/18
Main duties and responsabilities: holding lessons regarding studying methods, meeting teachers.

Job title: waiter
Company name: Uva
Location: Padova
Dates of employement: 15/10/18-28/6/19
Main duties and responsabilities: Customer service.

Job title: commis waiter
Company name: Edwardian Hotels
Location: Londra
Dates of employement: 15/7/19-30/9/19
Main duties and responsabilities: Customer service. Refilling crockeries and cutleries. Running drinks.

Team work
Problem solving

I really love hospitality, I would have not been working in this field so far if I did not like it. I love food and wine as well.
I like traveling and I would like to work abroad so I could learn other languages. 


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