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Restaurant Manager


Company/Business Unit: Criniti´s Italian Restaurant

Company/Business Address:  1/54, W Esplanade Manly 2095, Sydney NSW, Australia

Contact Person Name:  FernandoAmorin

Contact Person Position: Operation

Start Date: (01/03/2015)                                               End Date: Present

Position/Title:  Waiter(6 month's)         

                           Restaurant Assistant Manager(10 month's)

                           Restaurant Manager(present)


1.      Full site management for front of house.

2.      Function management.

3.      Project management.

4.      Staff recruitment, induction and training.

5.      Forecasting costs – stock, wages, and overheads.

6.      Superior communication with staff and patrons.

7.      Knowledge of complex/multi-faceted operations.

8.      Staff management and coordination during shifts.

9.      Supplier management and negotiation.

10.  Food and liquor service and WH&S supervision.

11.  Monitor current industry trends.

12.  Contact with the customers prior making reservations. Responsibilities.

1.      Maintaining mark-up and profit to optimise.

2.      Venue preparation and on-site event management.

3.      Supervision of till, banking and stock.

4.      Responsible for the roster.

5.      Wage control through rosters, wage rates, hours.

6.      Make sure the kitchen is ready for functions or events.

7.      Ensure that staff adheres to the opening and closing procedures of the restaurant.

8.      Handle and address customer complaints.

9.      Prepare reports at the end of the shift.

10.  Ensure the highest standards of food and beverage as well as customer service

Role Summary:

My role as a Restaurant Manager of this fast-paced business involves complete supervision of the establishment.  I am responsible for ensuring the budget is maintained, which in turn ensures that profitability is upheld.  I do this primarily through careful preparation of the rosters and purchasing, as well as stock control.  This also allows me to forecast costs, future business requirements, and seasonal fluctuations.

On a daily basis, I use my planning skills to oversee the running of the floor via a hands-on approach.  I recruit employees, and train staff in service procedures and customer relations. My goal is to increase revenues through fantastic staff service and encouraging them to upsell to higher mark-up products.  I also make sure all staff adheres to the WH&S, liquor and food standards required by the company and regulators.

Working in functions or events means coordination is a key as the back and front of house need to be coordinated and supervised.  My project management skills and strategic mindset allow me to anticipate not only the things that will need to be done before and during the function but the things that may potentially go wrong.  My experience allows me to make contingency plans and inform my staff of what to do in case of a glitch.

I regularly meet with both the owners and operations manager to discuss the direction and costs of the restaurant.  I discuss any possible changes or enhancements, such as marketing, that can be made in order to increase profitability.

In order to make the most of my role, I find it important to maintain my knowledge of upcoming trends, what competitors are offering and seasonal availabilities of produce.

My organisation and time management skills are a key part of my success in this position. While on the floor, I am capable of overseeing staff, supervising and reconciling the till, undertaking administration and deal with suppliers.  I have honed my observation skills and established strong networks within the business which allow me to keep on top of incidents as they arise.

Company/Business Unit: Peace and Love Funky Bar

Company/Business Address:  22, via Perugia, 47814 Bellaria (RN), Italy

Contact Person Name: Simone

Contact Person Position: Owner

Contact Person Details: Email:                       Work Phone: +39 3930359193

Start Date: (01/06/2014)                                                End Date: (31/09/2014)

(01/06/2012)                                                             (31/09/2012)                                                   

(01/06/2011)                                                             (31/09/2011)

(01/06/2010)                                                              (31/06/2010)     Position/Title:  Bar ManagerFull Time/Part Time/Contract


1.                   Managing the bar

2.                   Staff recruitment, induction and training for functions

3.                   Forecasting costs – stock, wages, overheads

4.                   Contact with the customers prior the reservation

5.                   Superior communication with staff and patrons

6.                   Knowledge of complex/multi-faceted operations 7.        Staff management and co-ordination during shifts


1.                   Maintaining mark-up and profit to optimise

2.                   Venue preparation and onsite event management

3.                   Supervision of till and stock

4.                   Responsible for the roster

5.                   Make sure the bar is ready for the functions

My responsibilities included the recruitment and training of staff for both the bar and floor. This included educating staff about the menu, drinks and ways of serving them. I organised the rosters to ensure that the business had enough staff to ensure both the bar and functions ran smoothly and the back and front of house were aware of how the functions were planned.

My experience, skills and strategic mindset allow me to anticipate not only the things that will need to be done before and during the function but the things that may potentially go wrong. My experience allows me to make contingency plans and inform the staff of what to do in the case of a glitch.

In order to make the most of the most of my role I found it important to maintain my knowledge of upcoming trends, what competitors were offering and seasonal availabilities of produce.

Company/Business Unit: Bar ristorante Faloria

Company/Business Address:  18, via Piaz de Sotegrava, 38035 Moena (TN), Italy

Contact Person Name: Nicole

Contact Person Position: Owner

Contact Person Details: Email:    Work Phone: +39 3391227501            

Start Date: (01/12/2009)                                                End Date: (31/04/2010)

(01/12/2010)                                                             (31/04/2011)

                     (01/12/2011)                                                             (31/04/2012)

                     (01/11/2012)                                                             (31/05/2014)

Position/Title:  Floor Manager Full Time/Part Time/Contract


1.       Direct cleaning of bar and dining areas to maintain sanitation standards, and keep appropriate records.

2.       Monitor actions of staff and customers to ensure that health and safety standards and liquor regulations are obeyed.

3.       Organisation of the wine and cocktail card.

4.       Catering service for evens out of house.

5.       Check quality of deliveries of fresh food and wine goods.

6.       Meet with sales representatives to order supplies such as tableware, bar utensils, and cleaning items.

7.       Arrange for maintenance and repair of equipment and other services.

8.       Organisation of the bar and the floor.

9.       Select or create successful menu items based on many considerations, and assign prices based on cost analysis.


1.       Venue preparation and onsite event management.

2.       Resolve customer complaints about food and beverage quality or service.

3.       Recruit, hire, and oversee training for staff.

4.       Schedule work hours for servers and kitchen staff.

5.       Monitor cocktails preparation and methods.

I began my career in hospitality as Bartender at Bar Restaurant Faloria. In this position I got trained from the manager to upsell and cross sell food and alcohol by increasing my knowledge of product costs as well as food and wine knowledge. After the second season as bartender, I was asked to become Bar/Floor Manager.

As Floor manager I motivated the staff. Each staff member now has a training and development plan

in order to further their career within the organisation. I regularly lead from the front by demonstrating how to be entertaining, positive and respectful to patrons. At all times I ensure consistent and high quality service is delivered by staff across all shifts.

It is my responsibility to ensure the restaurant was set up properly prior and all staff are presented well. My eye for detail ensures this standard is maintained throughout each shift no matter how fast the pace or high the volume of meals.


Institution:  Scuolasecondaria di primo grado “Giovanni pascoli”

Qualification:   High School

Date Completed:  31/06/2004


A dynamic, results-oriented Restaurant Manager offering focused leadership to drive sales and profitability in highly competitive markets. Consistently achieve performance goals through enthusiasm, tenacity and initiative, which complement knowledge / expertise in

•       Team Building / Staff Training

•       Purchasing / Inventory Management

•       Quality Assurance / Control

•       Facilities / Safety Management

•       Customer Service / Guest Relations

•       Cost Containment / Control

•       Policies and Procedures

•       Continuous Performance Improvement

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