Figura professionale: Freelance Filmmaker, Photographer, Junior 3D Generalist.

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Freelance Filmmaker, Photographer, Junior 3D Generalist.


2015 – NOW Freelance Filmmaker, Photographer, Junior 3D Generalist.
Corporate video and film producer, director, director of photography, colorist, puller/gaffer/assistant,
camera operator, ADV and product photographer, Advanced retouch and photo manipulation, VFX
2D-3D motion graphics, 3D modeling/rendering.

2013 – 2018 Co-founder, Freelance Art Director, video producer, photographer, web and graphic design for product and
brand identity, content creation, digital asset management, models and external adv agency coordinator
HR consultant for art/graphical and creative department.
CTW Sport (Customized Technical Wear) under TecbyTex s.r.l –

2013 – NOW Admin, beta tester, user support, tutorials creation to explain and teach how to use the add-on software.
I supported the main theam, I helped many italian users to start from scratch and learn how to use this
software, and I also helped them troubleshooting their issues.
Magic Lantern Italia User Group – –

2015 – 2017 Filmmaker/videomaker, editor, graphic and motion graphics designer, Wordpress CMS at Branco Ottico.
I've been part of Branco Ottico since it was just an idea, and among other things I helped teaching
photography in a secondary school.


2008 – 2013 Secondary School Diploma in Electronics and Telecommuinication. ITIS G. Galilei – Adria (RO) 85/100 2008 – NOW Continuous and autonomous professional education and training for digital image, 3D, communication and IT.

Languages Italian: native speaker English

It skills Various: Knowledge of Windows, Windows Server 2012R2/2016 Windows LTSB, Linux Ubuntu and Mac OS X OSs. Background in software and hardware troubleshooting and repair in consumer environments. Design and assembling of workstations for high workloads like video encoding and 3D rendering. Consultancy in the Windows client area. Techincal documentation creation. Networking and storage: Working knowledge of SAN/LAN/VLAN. Network devices patching. Basic DNS and DHCP knowledge. Storage solutions evaluation. Experience with SAS and iSCSI hardware and storage solutions. HPE StorageWorks LTO tapes loaders cong. and backup. LTO5+ Hardware and software RAID solutions implementation. NAS Storage conguration. Backup strategies development and backup scheduling Database and SQL: on Windows OSs. Database creation and management with PostgreSQL Simple queries creation. Virtualization: VMware Workstation – Hyper-V VMware Workstation setup and conguration. VMs creation, conguration and management with VMware and Hyper-V. Mac OS X virtualization with VMware Workstation with Unlocker. Virtual machines migration and cloning, templates and snapshots creation. Physical machines virtualization. Creation and basic cong. of virtual networks and storage devices. Active Directory: AD Domain Services deployment and administration. Domains, DC, user accounts, groups, OUs and containers creation and management. Forests creation. Basic Group Policy implementation and management. Basic knowledge of software deployment to specic computers through GPO.


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