Figura professionale: Team manager, laurea Business & Management

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Team manager, laurea Business & Management


Obtaining bachelor degree in business & management,doing the internship,taking the master’s degree and holding a business company.

Manager in one of the Nike branches in Iran | From 2015 to 2016
▪ Working as one of the managers of Nike and the responsibility was checking all the imports of the branch,prices of products and managing the descipline of that branch and team & time management.

• Language Degree
English : Ielts 7
• University Of Torino(SAA) in Italy (2017-2020)
Bachelor of “Business & Management”
Passed Credits: 107

▪ Extensive knowledge in group work as worked as a manager and great ability to communicate with others.
▪ Ability to manage the Descipline of working place as able to check and evaluate everything well frequently. Ability for time & team management,teamworking and so self-motivated and creative in the work enviroment.


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